At Redbrick Real Estate, putting our client’s needs first is at the core of our business model. We aim to help people who for one reason or another, need to sell their properties quickly. In the current economic climate, Real Estate can be a liability to a lot of vendors. We work with vendors ranging from those wanting to sell their extensive property portfolios to free up equity, those selling for tax reasons and people simply looking to sell their homes as they can no longer live in their residential properties due to a number of personal reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Loss of job, leading to the threat of possible repossession
  • Going through a divorce, needing to sell quickly
  • Unable to pay or keep up with mortgage payments, leading to possible repossession by the lender
  • Looking to move abroad and therefore looking for a quick sale
  • Inherited property, but the maintenance is beyond their means

By going to a standard high street Estate Agent, clients may risk being unable to sell their properties for the foreseeable future, and could face long legal process which can take an additional 6 months on average to complete. This is less than ideal when needing to sell quickly, and that is where Redbrick Real Estate can help.

We have a wide range of investors that can both pay cash and settle quickly, helping you to move on quickly from any situation. At Redbrick Real Estate, we strive to help clients in complex situations to move on with their lives. We have a portfolio of cash investors who can help you today- and thanks to the access we have to our specialised Financing and Legal teams, we can help complete on properties within 28 days.

Redbrick Real Estate – Real Expertise

Redbrick Real Estate have extensive experience dealing with clients from a wide and complex range of situations. We can provide the right solution using our expertise in the market, and access to world class Financial brokers and Legal advisors. We charge NO COMMISSION FEES to the seller, and we will also contribute up to £500 towards the legal costs that the client may occur. Our firm has settled many transactions within 28 days.

Our formula is simple:

Client expertise + world class experience = value to our clients.

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help – info@redbrickrealestate.co.uk.

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