We are a highly specialised firm that focuses on helping home owners to sell their homes quickly, often for cash. Our core values are based around providing unparalleled client service – we work with both sellers and investors to achieve the optimal solution.

As well as working with clients who need to sell their properties quickly, we also work with investors who are keen to partner with us, and in return will receive a fantastic return on their investment. We aim to bring in investors that we can build strategic and trusting relationships with. In the current climate, vendors are having to sell their properties more efficiently than ever before. Our latest analysis on the market shows that we could potentially be approaching the most crushing Recession the world has ever known – meaning we will need to work harder than ever to support our clients. With vendors needing to sell quickly and securely, we can provide a fast and efficient service – we can get you a quote on your property within 24 hours. For investors – this could provide an incredible opportunity to invest with us. The banks pay very, very little in terms of interest on your savings, and with the current market conditions, potentially impending recession and inflation, you could be losing money in your savings account. We guarantee you an ROI that will both ensure your money is working hard for you and that your initial investment is returned to in a timescale that works for you.

Please request one of our investor packs to view more information on specific details around sample projects, financial figures and further details/ analysis.

For the vendors we work with, we will aim to agree the deal with an investor upon providing them with details of the property- which demonstrates the strength of the relationship we have with our investors. Investors trust us to do the necessary work so that they don’t have to. This is an added benefit if you are a client looking to sell your home, as you will avoid multiple visits from various potential clients sent to your property by the Estate Agents! We also aim to complete on all property deals within 28 days, which we have done on multiple occasions using our team of experts. Please note timescales are dependent on complexity of each deal.

Who is Vishal Jani?

Vishal Jani is the CEO and Founder of Redbrick Real Estate. Prior to this, he has spent the last 10 years in the Financial Services industry, working for firms such as Barclays, JP Morgan and Deloitte. He quickly established  key relationships with senior stakeholders and became known for providing outstanding value and care for his clients. His desire to help people led him to set up Redbrick Real Estate.

Clients of Redbrick Real Estate are loyal, emphasising the importance that Vishal and his team place on building the right relationships and providing the perfect solutions to both buyers and sellers in the Real Estate market. Vishal is passionate about providing tailor-made solutions for clients that are not readily available in the market.

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