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We have an extensive list of cash buyers who will purchase your property and in the process, as the seller, you will not be charged any commission fees. We will also cover your legal costs up to the sum of £500.

We have a specialist Financing team and Legal team that operate with Redbrick Real Estate to provide the most optimal solutions for our clients.

Consider on average a property can take many months (in some cases, 2-3 years) to advertise, put on the market and sell, not to mention the potential extortionate fees that some Estate Agents charge, we offer the opportunity to complete quickly and for cash.

Redbrick Real Estate Ltd

Redbrick Real Estate Ltd is a rapidly expanding investment and development company based in the city of London, UK.



What We Do

We specialise in property investments where investors have the flexibility of a completely hands off income producing investment.



About Us

We place clients at the heart of our business. We ensure that both the vendors and the investors we work with are happy with the objectives set out and the results achieved.

With a diversified portfolio of HMO’s across London and Manchester, Redbrick Real Estate has a collective portfolio worth in excess of £1 million. Our aim is to provide our partners with the highest returns possible. We provide low risk, hassle free property investments where you don’t have to deal with estate agents, banks, mortgage brokers or surveyors. Redbrick Real Estate provides the flexibility of a completely hands off investment.

We work with our clients on a long-term basis and invest together. That means that any project that you’re investing in we’re also investing in and putting our own money into the project. We conduct a thorough due diligence process on every project that we take on and reject many projects that are bought to us as we have very strict criteria.

We believe in providing people with quality accommodation and making money whilst also helping people. We are ethical investors and committed to providing housing of a high standard, as we believe that people deserve to live in quality accommodation and that the profit margins are just as good if not better at the higher end of the market.

We believe in completely open partnerships and full transparency. Therefore, there are no hidden costs or charges and any fees are clearly stated in the documentation provided.


Big thanks to Red Brick for helping me sell my property quickly! I’ve known Vishal for 20 years so he was my first port of call to help me find a buyer for my property in Acton, and within 3 weeks I received an offer from a buyer, and the deal was completed within a further 5 weeks! Really happy how incredibly smoothly the entire process went, and the customer service was exceptional so I completely recommend Redbrick Real Estate to anyone.

Aleks Budimir

I contacted Redbrick Real Estate via a referral. Like so many people in London, I needed to sell my property as I was moving to the US for work and given how things transpired, needed to sell my property quickly. I was put in touch with Vishal at Redbrick and he was able to help me find a buyer within 2 weeks! To say I was delighted would be an understatement! The 2 weeks turnaround time is what surprised me the most as most real estate agents would have a 3 to 6 month process for such a sale. Vishal and his team (including legal team) were super helpful, insightful and understanding of my needs and given the quick nature of things they fully understood this from the outset. I felt comfortable with Redbrick managing my property as this is normally a very stressful time. As such, I will certainly be recommending Red Brick Real Estate to my friends and family.

Shilen Bhatt, London

I contacted Redbrick Real Estate via a recommendation. I needed to make a quick sale as I was moving abroad and was put in touch with Vishal Jani to help me with the process. He was able to find me a buyer within a couple of weeks. Further more I was also able to use his legal team, who were very dilligent and worked very quickly to make the sale for me within six weeks. I am glad I contacted RBRE, had I had gone via an estate agent I would most probably be looking at a miminum six month turn around. Vishal Jani and his team were very professional and understanding towards my needs. I will definately be recommending Red Brick Real Estate to my friends. Even if you are not moving abroad like I was, it’s definately worth a chat with them especially if you are in one of those long chains and need to make that quick sale!

Mo Shah